ZD 204

Rhizomania and Cercospora tolerant multigerm variety

ZD 204 as a joint variety between KWS and CAAS combines the advantages of European Rhizomania tolerant material to adapted Chinese material including tolerance of Root Rot and leaf diseases. An excellent sugar content nearly on traditional Chinese level in combination to a European idea of the necessary sugar yield allow an economic sugar production for the benefit of both farmers and sugar industry. The advantages are supported by reasonable costs for multigerm seeds.

KWS Varieties- Chinese Registration

KWS Varieties- Provincial Registration

Variety Province
KWS 8233 Heilongjang
KWS 9103 Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu
KWS 5075 Xinjiang, Ningxia
KWS 9522 Inner Mongolia
KWS 9400 Shanxi